Research Committee

Head of the Committee: Iman Majd

Allopathic Research

Provide integration of ICD-11 coding of disease with the WHO ICD-11 Chapter 26 (TM)
.Traditional Medicine Coding of Chinese medical pattern differentiation for the purpose of an integrated two systems diagnosis model.


  • Identify different TCM pattern diagnosis for back pain

  • Collect and compare data for back pain, combining ICD-11 codes and TM codes

  • Conduct a pilot feasibility study of combined a two-system coding

  • Identify and work with physicians using the two-system coding for clinical diagnosis

  • Publishing the results

Members: Iman Majd MD, L.Ac, Beau Anderson PhD, L.Ac, Lisa Taylor Swanson PhD, L.Ac, Steven Rosenblatt MD, L.Ac, Daniel Jiao MD (China), L.Ac

TCM Research

To identify, collect and participate in research in TCM that further validates the effectiveness of traditional acupuncture and herbal medicine.


  • Develop the decision making flow chart for Back Pain options through TM approach

  • Create international repository, and bring awareness to, existing peer-reviewed research that demonstrates an outcome of effectiveness and safety of acupuncture and herbal medicine for various identified diseases and disorders.

  • Database can be used for: guidelines; research and insurance reimbursement

Members: Yair Maimon, Nell Smircina, Waveny Holland

Communications Committee

Head of the Committee: Nell Smircina DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

The mission of the Communication Subcommittee is to effectively articulate with consistent messaging the One Voice Big Evidence Project’s scope, reach and impact to any interested parties.


  • Work with each subcommittee to create an efficient process for updates to get relayed for the communication committee to consolidate and disseminate

  • Create consistent messaging around the project, with clear talking points for different audiences

  • Work with the HR subcommittee to create information such as factsheets; plan campaigns and PR opportunities

Nell Smircina

Information & Technology Committee

Head of the Committee: Benjamin Saez L.Ac

Design develop and implement information, infrastructure, tools and methods to enhance and improve function as well as efficiency of the big evidence project


  • Leverage technological advances in "information & technology" to improve data collection and analysis for the big evidence project.

  • Utilise social media and mobile technology to promote collaboration between contributors and members


Benjamin Saez and Dr. Aram Akopyan

Recruitment & HR Committee

Head of the Committee: Mina M. Larson

The mission of the Recruitment and HR Subcommittee is to identify and recruit potential, qualified users (individuals, associations, hospitals
& schools, etc.) to participate and advance the One Voice Big Evidence Initiative.


  • Work with IT subcommittee to create a seamless and efficient recruitment process for qualified individuals.

  • Collaborate with each subcommittee chair and members to create a list of qualifications and desired experience for future subcommittee members and assist them with the process of recruitment.

  • Work with the Communications subcommittee to create information such as factsheets, to advance the work of the initiative and promote recruitment

Mina Larson and Jenny Yu

Funding & Capital Committee

Head of the Committee: Marilyn Allen MS

Raise $300,000 or more for the One Voice Initiative, to finance research and public education


  • Create workflow for outreach to potential supporters

  • Work with communications committee to develop concise messaging to elicit donations

  • Publish 3 articles in Acupuncture Today specific to the funding of this project

Marilyn Allen MS